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Aspire Studios is a creative agency based in Princeton, NJ.

Aspire Studios believes in working with brands that aim to reach further, grow their influence, and look good doing it. We do this through careful collaboration, building long-term relationships that elevate brands, heighten credibility, and increase awareness. We take time to understand a brand’s relationship with their audience through independent research, and by paying close attention to what our clients share during the discovery phase of a project. Each new project is seen as an opportunity for shared growth—our clients’, and our own.

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Innovate NJ :30 Company Intro Sample

Premier Partner Services
Video Production Support

Innovate New Jersey is a beautiful publication that features innovators, thought leaders, companies, and organizations that have brought new ideas to life across the state. A virtual celebration event will be held April 27 to showcase those featured in the book, and to award those that have made an impact in the last year during the COVID crisis. Anyone attending will know without a doubt that New Jersey is a place of incredible opportunity for fresh thought and advancement.

Aspire Studios is committed to helping our clients tell their story in a meaningful and impactful way, while looking their best. We are offering a special Premier Partner Services package for companies featured in Innovate New Jersey's virtual event. The following services will ensure that your message stands out in a meaningful and memorable way, all while looking your best.

Video Recording
Live Webinar with the Aspire Team
  • Live demo

  • Best practices for capturing video presentation.

  • Tools

  • Q&A

  • Support documents

  • Edit/trim/assemble video & photos provided by the companies/orgs (up to :30 finished video)

  • Edit/trim talking head videos provided by companies/orgs (up to :30 finished video)

  • Production assistance (PDF)

    • Best Practices (general recording tips)

    • Recording solutions (equipment and setup recommendations)

Video Editing
Darren_Aspire_camera setup_grid.jpg
Package Total

We are available and happy to assist beyond the package outlined above on a per hour basis or a custom quote. 

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